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Nitric Oxide Therapies for Musculoskeletal Diseases


Origin’s initial target market segment in Musculoskeletal diseases is Digital Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

RA is estimated to affect approximately 4.9 million people across the major global markets and the market for RA treatments is anticipated to grow to $30bn by 2025 (43). Growth is being driven by an ever-increasing ageing population coupled with an increase in patient awareness regarding rheumatic disorders (44).

Despite the excitement of novel systemic treatments, 33% of patients are unresponsive to first-line therapy, and many patients also fail to respond to second-line therapies (43).  There is a significant unmet need for drugs with safer profiles and convenient administration.

Origin hopes to leverage the immunoregulatory properties of NO (1-4) and IonoJet™ technology to provide relief for the high numbers of RA patients with difficult to treat and functionally impairing rheumatoid disease in the hands and feet.