Combining the benefits of nitric oxide (NO) with the power of plasma, our IonoJet™ platform has potential application across a broad spectrum of disease states including wound healing, combatting infection and reducing pain and inflammation.

The pipeline below outlines our initial targeted indications for which we intend to explore treatment with the therapy generated by the IonoJet™ device, as well as the stage of clinical development for each indication. It is anticipated that for all of the indications below, our device will generate a plasma/NO stream and deliver it to the patient. For wounds, anti-infective, dermal therapeutics, burns and musculoskeletal, and cosmetic treatments we plan to use our modified IonoJet™. For the treatment of dental infections and upper respiratory tract infections, adaptations to the modified IonoJet™ will be required.

Each of our planned indications has been selected on the basis either of prior clinical evidence or of the a priori clinical relevance of subdermal NO to the known pathophysiology of the disorder.