The Technology to Power Natural Healing

Nitric Oxide,

Nature’s Ubiquitous Signaling Molecule.

Set Free.


Nitric Oxide has so much to offer in the treatment of diseases that affect billions of people worldwide.

Origin, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with the team, technology and passion to unlock this potential.


Thermal Plasmas have the power to generate Nitric Oxide


In thermal plasmas - like lightning - Nitric Oxide is formed as Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules in the air are split apart and ionized.

ionojet light.png

Delivers Nitric Oxide Instantly at the Point of Care


Origin’s Ionojet™ technology replicates and controls this process using the Nitrogen and Oxygen in ambient air.

The result is the safe and simple delivery of therapeutically-effective levels of Nitric Oxide in the Clinic - via a warm jet of plasma.