We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a proprietary patented high-energy plasma device that generates nitric oxide (NO) in the form of a plasma/NO stream and delivers it to targeted locations of the body. The stream can potentially be used for various therapeutic purposes, including as an anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative therapy for chronic wounds and skin and soft tissue infections and disorders.

The cornerstone of the plasma/NO therapy is our patented delivery platform named IonoJet™ which allows us to turn atmospheric air into a plasma/NO stream. Our technology is based on Nobel prize-winning research and is designed simultaneously to both disinfect and promote the healing of infected wounds. We have been working on preparations for our planned pivotal clinical trial in diabetic foot ulcers, upon which FDA approval of the Ionojet™ will primarily be based. However, in addition to wound healing, we believe that our technology has application across a wide range of indications including dermatology, infection control, podiatry, dentistry, pain and inflammation and cosmetics, as well as potentially in certain respiratory infections, both viral and bacterial, oral infections, dental indications, ophthalmic and facial applications and in topical indications.


Origin is supported by a dedicated management team and experienced board of directors with decades of experience in life sciences and in building value for shareholders.

They have had demonstrable success:

  • Developing and marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including wound-care products
  • Administering hospitals and major healthcare delivery systems
  • Growing and operating both private and publicly-traded businesses