We are harnessing the power of nitric oxide for wound healing and the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections and inflammation.

harnessing the power of nitric oxide

In the human body, nitric oxide (NO) is a naturally-occurring signaling molecule that is known to regulate blood flow (1,9-11), modulate inflammation (1-4), stimulate tissue regeneration (3,9), and combat infection (4-8). As a result, it is widely acknowledged as having huge promise as a powerful weapon in the battle against multiple diseases.

Our innovative technology platform, IonoJet™, harnesses the power of nitric oxide for wound healing and the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections and inflammation. The IonoJet™ is a high-energy plasma device that generates nitric oxide in the form of a plasma stream allowing for targeted delivery of NO to the specific tissues requiring treatment.

The mission of Origin is to leverage our patented IonoJet™ technology in the development of therapies based on the safe, convenient and affordable delivery of NO directly to the treatment site.

CAUTION – The IonoJet™ is an Investigational Device limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use.


The medical use of high-energy plasma is an innovative and emerging field combining physics, life sciences and clinical medicine to use plasmas for therapeutic applications.


Our technology, IonoJet™, is based on Nobel prize-winning research (13,14) and is designed to surpass current standards of care in efficacy, side effects, and/or cost-effectiveness across a wide range of indications.


Our technology platform has the potential to be used for multiple therapeutic purposes including as an anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative therapy for chronic wounds and skin and soft tissue disorders.

The Rationale for Nitric Oxide Therapies

Despite the remarkable advances in medicine in the past century, there are still diseases that remain frustratingly beyond the grasp of the latest drugs, devices and surgical interventions. These are not niche conditions, but issues affecting billions of people worldwide including chronic inflammatory diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and the global diabetic epidemic – many of which are exacerbated by growing ageing populations.

Nitric oxide has been found to be important in many bodily systems, acting as a signaling molecule to control regional blood flow and collagen synthesis and to modulate immune mediators. Nitric oxide is released by macrophages to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and tumor cells by disrupting their metabolism.

Our IonoJet™ technology platform has potential application across a broad spectrum of disease states including wound healing, combatting infection, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Our technology’s ability to penetrate the dermis and induce prolonged biological activity, as demonstrated in animal models, makes it relevant to a large number of poorly-met medical needs (47).